A Highly Effective Blend of Western and Eastern Medicine

A co-worker suggested I look online for traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore after I couldn’t shake a bad cold I caught almost immediately after I arrived here to start a one year stint as a financial consultant. I smoke cigarettes and don’t have the best diet I could have, so I wasn’t worried when I didn’t shake the illness after a couple of weeks. When I get a cold, it usually lasts a long time. But when I still had the cold after a month, I started to worry that I had something seriously wrong with my body.

My friend suggested I look online for a clinic that specializes in mixing western medical techniques with traditional Chinese herbal healing. He said he had a serious bout of back pain that led to him missing a lot of work. He went through various things with western medicine, none of which worked, and only a visit to a place that does both types of medicine cured his condition. He even said his back pain hasn’t returned, which is unusual for him. I must admit I had a fair amount of skepticism about using herbs to treat anything, but I was willing to give it a try just to feel better.

I found a clinic with a strong reputation locally as a place that can heal just about any ailment. I went in for an appointment and they were quite friendly while getting down to business. They took x-rays of my chest and prescribed some herbal concoction along with some antibiotics that they thought might help. They thought maybe I could be developing walking pneumonia but that the mix of medicines should help clear up the issue before it got any worse. The treatment lasted about a week and to make a long story short, it worked! I’m a believer now.

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