Being Proactive with a Security System

When my wife and I bought our home nearly 40 years ago, the worst thing we had to worry about was a childish prank. That is no longer the case though. We don’t even know all of our neighbors like we did years ago. We do know our immediate neighbors, but so many others have moved or passed away, and younger people have moved into their homes. I realized that times are changing, and we needed to change as well. That is the reason why we wanted to have an ADT home security system installed.

When we knew our neighbors, we were not concerned about anything other than having a good time with them. Now though, it is all different. We see young people going to these houses on our street at all times of the day and night. I’m not saying that they would do anything to our property, but I knew from watching the news twice a day that we are in desperate times. I did not want any of them to just see an older couple and think we are vulnerable to anything and everything. I have always believed in being proactive rather than reactive, which is why I had the security system installed.

When the installer put that sign in our yard alerting others that we now had a security system protecting our home, it was a good day for us. It turned out to be a good day for some of our neighbors too, because they wanted to know some information about the security system so they could get one too. When they found out that the basic system is free and the installation is inexpensive, they made calls to get their own systems installed. We may be older, but this is still our town, and we plan on letting everyone know that with our actions.

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