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We Finally Got Done with the Settlement

The entire thing never should have been very complicated, although I suspect that the insurance company decided that because I am a woman they could run roughshod over me. The truth is that I was not even moving and my car was not on when the other driver hit me. I had talked to an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento about the case and tried to figure out how big of a percentage that he would have taken out of the settlement. I knew what I need to end up with and that was what I expected to come out of it with, so that was something which I was not going to negotiate away. The insurance company seemed to think that I was going to take a loss on this deal, but that was not in my plans and it was not how it ended up turning out. We just wasted a great deal of time and effort to get to the same place that I started out at.

It was just a matter of holding out and threatening to haul them into court. Continue reading

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My Husband Was Going Bald

When my husband noticed hair falling off of his head, he shrugged it off at first. He figured it was just a part of aging, but that was only when it was minimal loss of hair at best. When he turned 60 and realized just how much hair he had lost over the past few years, he decided to go online and see what he could learn about it. I thought he looked extremely handsome, and I was even a bit envious on how men seem to just get better with age while women have to do all kinds of beauty tricks to remain looking good.

Anyway, my husband found this website that had some really interesting facts about hair loss in men. Continue reading

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Only Settling for the Very Best

When we decided to buy a house, my wife and I took our time looking at the different ones for sale in our area. We wanted to make sure we were not settling for anything, which is something that we try not to do in other areas of our lives too. After finding the house of our dreams, we decided to get everything set up before we moved in. Some of it was easy, like getting our water turned on and the power started. Other things, like our ATT Internet, took a bit more time to make sure we were not settling for second best, or worse!

I know that AT&T has a really great reputation, but I had never had them for my Internet service provider before. I wanted to make sure that they offered the same quality service that they do in other areas. I went to a site that had all of the information laid out in easy to understand terms. Continue reading

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A Look That Will Make Heads Turn

A friend of mine wanted to do a makeover on me one day. I didn’t really feel that I needed one, but my friend thought I could look so much better than I already did. I didn’t know whether to take this as an insult or not, but I agreed to let her do the makeover, just as long as she was the one paying for it. We went shopping to buy some new clothes, got pedicures and manicures, and even got new hairstyles. She recommended that I try some curly clip in human hair extensions to spice up my look a little.

At the end of the makeover, I looked like a completely different person. I wasn’t sure that the look would work for me, but my friend told me to give it a try and if I didn’t like it after a couple of days, she would help me go back to my original look. I went on about my life as I normally would, but things were far beyond normal for me. Everywhere I would walk, heads would turn. Men, women, and even children would stop to look at me. It was like I was the center of attention for the entire world.

I went to buy a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop that I usually go to in the afternoon. I usually chat for a short time with a guy who works there, but when I walked in after having the makeover, he was struggling to find the right words to say to me. I asked him if anything was wrong, and he said nothing was wrong, that I just looked completely stunning. Other people seemed to share the same sentiment as the guy from the coffee shop. I think I’ll keep the look a little longer.

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Being Proactive with a Security System

When my wife and I bought our home nearly 40 years ago, the worst thing we had to worry about was a childish prank. That is no longer the case though. We don’t even know all of our neighbors like we did years ago. We do know our immediate neighbors, but so many others have moved or passed away, and younger people have moved into their homes. I realized that times are changing, and we needed to change as well. That is the reason why we wanted to have an ADT home security system installed.

When we knew our neighbors, we were not concerned about anything other than having a good time with them. Now though, it is all different. We see young people going to these houses on our street at all times of the day and night. Continue reading

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Satellite Internet Deals from Hughesnet

Just recently, I purchased a log cabin in the mountains and it is kind of a dream I have had for a long time. It is really a picturesque area and I am glad that I was able to purchase some property there. The only problem that I see is that it is pretty rural and so I don’t know how I am going to get an internet connection there. I want to check with Hughesnet internet to see if I can get a satellite internet connection for the cabin. I know it is in the mountains and such, but I don’t think that would be a problem for a satellite connection. It is not like it is in a valley, or anything like that which would block the signal from being received.

So I feel pretty confident I will be able to get that type of internet connection at my new cabin. I am excited to take the family camping there. But a problem I have is that I am not going to be able to convince the whole family to come on the vacation if I do not have an internet connection there. Continue reading

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Purchasing Quality Supplies and Proper Equipment for Next Year’s Garden

I tried growing a garden for the first time since I was a child this year, and did not do as well as I would have liked. I am hoping to purchase some equipment and supplies to do a more proper job at making a garden next year. I am afraid that I did not put enough time and preparation into planning my garden. Despite some failures, I did manage to get several things to grow well this year, and for that, I was very proud.

I need to buy the equipment to set up a proper field in order to plant my garden in next year. I guess that I need to buy a plow attachment for my tractor. I will also need to buy some fertilizer and manure or compost of some sort. I guess I should read up on the benefits of different types of compost. Continue reading

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Looking for Some New Coldbox Plans for the Garden

I am partially retired now. I hardly ever go into the office, but I do spend a bit of time working from home. There are a number of clients who just do not like the people who do my old job full time, so I am still taking care of their accounts. Mostly I have become a far more avid gardener. We have close to two and one half acres of land and a very small pond that can not be much over one fifth or even one sixth of an acre. I have gotten some chickens and a goat who takes care of the weeding for me and some times the neighbors as well.

Right now I am planning for the fall. I have some broad beans or fava beans to grow, along with onions and garlic. I want to build some cold boxes to plant some flowers which can be transplanted next spring as early as possible though. Continue reading

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We Are Going to Get Some Chickens

Garden Designs If you need inspiration for flower garden designs ...Marie and I just moved to our own place a bit North of the city. It is outside of the city limits and about 20 minutes from my office. For Marie it is actually only ten minutes to her job and she loves being out of the city. The place was foreclosed on and we got a great deal on a house sitting on right at three and a half acres. Already we are thinking about raising chickens and we have found some coop plans at A friend of mine loaned me his tractor and all of the stuff I need to clear out the overgrown brush which used to be a pasture and a big cornfield. He is a bit old and he no longer uses the tractor, so he does not mind at all. We are thinking about how much we can manage.

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