Chiropractic Specialist Offers Suggestion to Reduce On-The-Job Injuries

I had been tasked by my boss to evaluate and reduce on the job injuries at my workplace. I worked in the administrative office of a large manufacturing firm and with a few days observing the factory workers, their working conditions and methods of work, I contacted a Sacramento chiropractic office to conduct a seminar to help us all practice better methods to doing our jobs more safely and effectively and with less injuries and illness both in the factory and the office.

Just because I worked in an office did not make me or the rest of the office personnel immune from injury and I hoped we could all learn some effective methods to combatting the little aches and pains that come along with working in any environment, as well as the more debilitating injuries the factory workers were experiencing.

The chiropractor who came to our workplace was young and energetic and provided us all with some helpful suggestions and simple exercises to keep us all active and avoiding repetitive motion injuries. For all workers, it was stressed that we simply needed to get up and walk for a few minutes every hour, especially those stationed in one place for the day. Keeping blood circulating properly would be a big benefit for those in the office as well as those who were seated on stools in the factory. He also recommended the use of padded foam mats in the factory to help reduce stress on knees and hips for workers who spent much of their days on their feet.

The chiropractor explained that the few minutes we spent throughout the day walking and stretching wouldn’t mean less work being done at all, which my boss appreciated, but would equal far healthier and happier employees who weren’t taking time off for the little aches and pains that repetitive work can often lead to. Healthy employees are happy and productive employees, and we have walking challenges set up now to further incentivize all employees to maintain their workplace health.

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