How Acupuncture Changed How I Am

I had heard of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I honestly never thought I would start looking at it as an option for myself. That changed when I started feeling pretty fatigued. My primary care physician was not able to determine what was wrong, and that was after a complete physical, blood work, and some testing. Everything came back in the normal ranges, but I was still really tired. A good friend of mine told me that I should look into a Chicago acupuncture specialist that her cousin had went to for some similar issues.

She explained that the acupuncture really changed how her cousin was feeling. I wanted to learn more about acupuncture first, because all I could imagine was dozens of long needles sticking into my body. It was not a pleasant image, and I am really thankful that it changed as I learned more about the history and methodology of acupuncture. I had no idea how needles being stuck in my body would even make me feel better at first. It seemed like it would have the opposite effect. I was able to learn about the stimulation of the body when needles were inserted into certain areas of the body.

I read where it is not a painful process either, and that is what convinced me to finally go and see if it would help me. I was literally exhausted, and I needed to find some kind of relief. I made the appointment at the acupuncture center that her cousin had visited, and it was beyond a blessing for me. They were able to treat me naturally, and I started feeling better after just a few visits. I don’t go as often now, but I still go because it just fills me up with energy and makes me feel so alive. Even my doctor is impressed with the new me!

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