I Am Ready to Go Back Home

We are almost done with this project, which is a little part of the work on a big high rise called the Singapore New Futura condo. There is a nice penthouse on it and the guy that bought it had us come in and do some work for him. Of course we are getting a really good reputation for custom kitchens and we are going to have a lot of work when we get back to Sydney. The people we work for want to get a professional grade kitchen and they want to impress people who are basically filthy rich. So you have to constantly outdo yourself. This kitchen is a really sweet thing. I tried it out myself this morning and it was obvious that everything worked the way that it should. The owner came by and seemed upset, but of course I had to make sure that everything worked. She was quite happy to try the pheasant that I had made.

At any rate I am going to be hopping on a plane a few days before Christmas and I do not intend to work any more before it is next year and maybe not then. I am thinking that I should take a vacation, some place really nice. I will let Maria figure out where we want to go, but I am thinking that we could go hiking in New Zealand. She loves that and there are some great places which we have not seen yet. It is going to be a lot harder for me to get finished with all of the paperwork at the office, but I am thinking that I might just foist that on the other people and the accountants. We have to pay them for a reason and they should earn their pay.

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