I Wanted to Learn How to Make Interactive Interfaces

I needed to find an excellent ux design course because I wanted to make video games. Specifically, I wanted to make games that people could play on mobile phones and tablets. There is nothing wrong with desktop games, in fact they often look and play better because of the large monitors and the excellent video cards involved, but the trend is moving to mobile platforms. I needed to learn how ux design works so I could eventually start my own video game company. That is where the big money is these days, I believe.

I looked online to see if I could find a place where I could learn what I needed to know without a lot of other nonsense. I didn’t want to spend years in school taking a lot of useless course work in order to learn the sliver of information I needed to know. I soon found a great place that does a lot of teaching in various visual arts. They do music arts as well, but they also teach video game design and related technologies. It seemed to good to be true, frankly, so I inquired further and soon found myself on the path to learning ux design.

I knew the place was good because when I started asking questions, they had all the right answers. They knew what I was talking about and understood the underlying technology involved. I’d tried the same thing with some other places and it became immediately clear that it was a scam because they didn’t understand the technical terms. This place knows what is going on and they’re ready to work with me on whatever I need to get that knowledge so I can start creating now and not later after years of schooling and a lot of useless debt. I’m glad I found this place.

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