I Wrecked My New Motorcycle

It was nothing that I did at all. The entire thing was simply an inattentive teenage girl. The truth is that she was pretty too and I had the sense left in me to flirt with her, even though I had a bit of blood on my face and I was limping around with a bad knee. A couple of days later I woke up with a stiff back and after figuring out the best course of action, I went to see a chiropractor in Cumming GA. I figured that there was not really much that a doctor would be able to do for me. They would take a lot of tests and offer you some pills, but the truth is that I am more afraid of pain pills than I am of the pain itself. The pills are not a solution at any rate, they do nothing except make you temporarily forget the pain. You really are not going to get much benefit from anything that the doctor can do for you, not unless it is so bad that you need a surgeon.

Of course I was mostly worried about my bike at first. I flew over the hood of that Toyota Camry and bounced three or four times. A big truck slammed on the brakes which was really lucky for me, since I was not really able to to get up quickly enough to get out of his way. I set up and took a look at my helmet, which had been all scratched up. This girl was really upset and when I saw that she was good looking I tried to act real tough. I got up and limped back to my bike, which really was not in bad shape. It broke the headlight and some minor stuff.

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