Just Got Started with the Renovation Work

Annie and I have finally found our first home, a two bedroom home about 30 minutes from downtown. It is a foreclosure and the bank really seems to have neglected it for quite some time. Since it sat in a rather isolated area there has been a little vandalism and also so pilferage. I am going to have to get new Replacement kitchen doors to replace the ones which some person has stolen while the place sat vacant. I suppose they did renovations and liked the cabinets in this rather old farmhouse.

It appears that the old doors were made of heavy oak, something which would be very expensive to buy new.


I was fortunate to have found something which was easy to install and looked quite handsome in the kitchen. Of course the appliances are ancient and we shall have to replace them one we can afford it. We got a great deal on the property, which includes around 3.5 acres and a small pond which must be just under half of an acre in size. There was even a rowboat left behind, but when I pushed it out on the water it leaked far more than I liked. There are fruit trees as well, two apple trees, a peach tree and a pear tree. I have no idea how to take care of them and it looks as though the pear tree shall have to be culled. I am a bit daunted by the prospect of keeping up such a large piece of property, especially since there is so much work to be done on the interior and exterior of the house itself. The place needs to either be painted or vinyl siding should be installed. I am going to look into the cost of the vinyl siding, since that is something which will not require as much maintainence.

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