Looking for a New Place

Moving to a new location means having to find a new place to get everything done. When I was back at home in the states, all I had to do was stroll down to the local shopping plaza and I could find everything I wanted. I could buy my groceries, rent a movie, or even get a pedicure while my dry cleaning was being done. When I moved, in order to get a pedicure in Singapore, I had to locate the place closest to me because I wasn’t aware of anything in the area.

I figured the best way to find out what was in the area was to ask the people who live there. I talked to some of my neighbors and asked them where they did all of their shopping and got their personal care done. Each person seemed to have a different answer based on their own preference. A few people went to one place about five minutes away for their needs, while some others traveled as far as an hour away, which was much too far for me. Close proximity is a big part of convenience.

I called the different places that my neighbors recommended and asked them about their prices and procedures in the shop. If the prices were too far out of my range, then I wouldn’t even bother going to them for service, and if they didn’t have a specific part to their procedure, then I wouldn’t bother. I wanted to make sure that these places did everything by the book and kept the facility completely clean to avoid getting any kind of infection from a simple pedicure. The place I chose to get my pedicure was 12 minutes from where I live. The price was fairly reasonable and they did the proper cleaning procedures after each pedicure.

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