Looking for Some New Coldbox Plans for the Garden

I am partially retired now. I hardly ever go into the office, but I do spend a bit of time working from home. There are a number of clients who just do not like the people who do my old job full time, so I am still taking care of their accounts. Mostly I have become a far more avid gardener. We have close to two and one half acres of land and a very small pond that can not be much over one fifth or even one sixth of an acre. I have gotten some chickens and a goat who takes care of the weeding for me and some times the neighbors as well.

Right now I am planning for the fall. I have some broad beans or fava beans to grow, along with onions and garlic. I want to build some cold boxes to plant some flowers which can be transplanted next spring as early as possible though. I have a tiny greenhouse leanto which sits against my potting shed and I shall use it for some vegetables, but I have a lot of room for coldboxes and I am handy enough to build some myself. Right now I want to get the plans right. I am wondering if I should insulation on the interior of the boxes for one thing. I have some sheets of styrofoam insulation which would be extremely easy to cut to the proper size and fit into the inner sides of a cold box. Having never done this before I am not sure that there may not be some reason why you would not do that. I assume that the styrofoam would have no real hardmful effect, but that is not an educated opinion. It can get quite cold here and insulation seems like it may be necessary.

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