My Husband Was Going Bald

When my husband noticed hair falling off of his head, he shrugged it off at first. He figured it was just a part of aging, but that was only when it was minimal loss of hair at best. When he turned 60 and realized just how much hair he had lost over the past few years, he decided to go online and see what he could learn about it. I thought he looked extremely handsome, and I was even a bit envious on how men seem to just get better with age while women have to do all kinds of beauty tricks to remain looking good.

Anyway, my husband found this website that had some really interesting facts about hair loss in men. It also gave him some hope about something he could do to fight back against what he thought was a losing battle. He learned that most men his age have experienced the same thing that he had with their hair, but he also learned that there are products as well as procedures that will help men fight back against becoming bald. He read about hair transplants, but that was not something he was willing to do, mainly because of the cost of it.

What interested him the most was a product that was actually discovered by accident. It was given to people for one condition, but those patients discovered that they had hair growing after taking it. That is how it started as a hair loss product, and it was more in our budget range. We went to the store that day, and patience paid off. It is not a miracle product in that you notice hair growing back in a couple of weeks. It took several months, but now he finally has hair where there was once bald spots!

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