Only Settling for the Very Best

When we decided to buy a house, my wife and I took our time looking at the different ones for sale in our area. We wanted to make sure we were not settling for anything, which is something that we try not to do in other areas of our lives too. After finding the house of our dreams, we decided to get everything set up before we moved in. Some of it was easy, like getting our water turned on and the power started. Other things, like our ATT Internet, took a bit more time to make sure we were not settling for second best, or worse!

I know that AT&T has a really great reputation, but I had never had them for my Internet service provider before. I wanted to make sure that they offered the same quality service that they do in other areas. I went to a site that had all of the information laid out in easy to understand terms. While I may use the Internet every day, I am definitely not a member of the Geek Squad, so I appreciated that it was in terms that I could easily relate to.

After reading everything on this site, I knew that we would be in good hands if we chose to have AT&T as our Internet provider. The next step was actually contacting them to get everything started. I was not sure how long it would take to get the equipment installed, so I was surprised when they asked if I wanted installation for that same week. I was able to meet them at the house during the time they specified, and it really did not take them long to get everything hooked up. We have been loyal customers for nearly a year now, and we definitely did not settle!

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