Our Regular Maid Needed Time off

My wife and I have used the same maid for nearly ten years when it comes to both our house as well as our small business. We hired her full time within a few weeks because we could tell right from the start that she was going to be a huge asset to us in both areas. When her mother fell ill and she had to go be with her, she was worried she would lose her job. We assured her that was not an option, and that we would hire a part time cleaner in Singapore for the couple of weeks that she would be gone.

We had a feeling that the person we hired would not be able to do as good of a job as our regular maid, but we figured something was better than waiting two weeks. The two of us are just too busy to devote that much time to either. Having our home cleaned is just as important because we have dinner parties at least three times a week, so our home has to always be in tip top shape. We knew that we would have to pay higher for such a temporary job, but we were okay with that too.

What surprised us the most out of our temp cleaner is the fantastic job she did. We thought that the cleaning job would be subpar to our regular maid, but it was equivalent in every way. We were happy that our regular maid was only going to be gone for a short period of time because she is actually like an extended part of our family now, but it is really nice knowing that there is such a great backup available should something like this happen again in the future. We know that we will utilize their services again if we need them.

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