Perpetuating Safety Rules for Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

I still joke that there is one place where being OCD is a benefit, and that is when it comes to the shooting sports. It is important to never deviate from any safety rules no matter what the situation is. The rules are not hard to remember or follow. They just need to be considered inviolate by those who participate in the sport. I remember my clay pigeon shooting lessons I had when I was much younger. I took all the safety protocols very seriously, and I insist that others on the shooting range with me follow them. Another shooter remarked once that I am OCD about the rules. However, she said that she liked that about me because it kept everyone else on their toes.

I mind the muzzle of my shotgun at all times. Clay pigeon shooting has you swinging your gun in an arc that sweeps from side to side. You need to be aware of your safe zones where you can pull the trigger. You have to be aware of everything going on downrange when you are shooting. I never take it for granted that the area will be clear of people or animals even though it very well should be. Does it make it harder to hit every target? Yes, but you can adapt and become a better shooter that is more aware of the surroundings.

I have no idea how many clays I have shot over the years. I imagine that the pile of debris from them would take a bulldozer to move. I enjoy shooting clays immensely. I have even taught the craft to many shooters, and I instill in them the same respect for the safety rules of shooting sporting clays that I learned when I took my clay pigeon shooting lessons all those years ago.

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