The Surprising Versatility of Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven polypropylene is a thin film which can be used as packaging material because it is flexible and can be cut at will. Woven polypropylene is used for pouches, containers, adhesive wraps, fasteners and much more. It is also used as packaging material for construction materials, magazines, electrical equipment, medical supplies, and so on. Woven polypropylene bags are especially high quality options because they are produced under ISO quality standards, which are internationally recognized standards for the quality and manufacture of packaging. These bags are commonly used in general medical, aerospace, and medical technology fields, among other industries. However, we are especially impressed with their high-capacity monofilament and flash-free technology. This type of product is also light in weight, making it perfect for using as simple, handy tools. The elasticity of polypropylene has been tested with strongshear stress (approximately 5,000 psi) at angles as shallow as 30 degrees and as deep as 60 degrees. These tests are conducted to simulate the force an explosion might cause. Note that the tests were performed on three separate bags: one slightly bigger and heavier than the others, one slightly smaller and lighter, and one slightly more fragile. Large, heavier bags with 70 lb. capacities have been built for an airplane type which is inefficient in terms of weight reduction. They can be rolled to fit on rails and used as inside baggage or used to pack smaller items such as toiletries, small camping gear, clothing, and meals. Overall, polypropylene has an extremely wide array of effective uses, and is an especially ideal material for bag construction, bedding, matting, materials, padding, underlay, mohair, or other needs where lack of bulk is an important consideration. Its ability to provide excellent strength for high heat, its flexibility, its mildew- and chemical resistance and low environmental impact make it ideal for heavy use and years of durability.

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