They Took That Stump Right out

I finally had to find a Long Island tree company to remove an old stump. That stump was here when we moved into the house about ten years ago, and I always meant to get it removed, but never got around to it. I had no idea how long it had been here, but it was quite substantial in size. My guess is that it’s been around for decades and that the prior owner didn’t want to bother with it either. I mowed around it over the years and just never got around to doing something about it.

Frankly I didn’t have the tools to get rid of such a huge stump. Generally when you’re dealing with a stump of the size I had in my yard, it’s the roots that present the most problems. You simply have no idea how far they extend outward from the stump or how far they go down. Getting this thing out of the ground without tearing up the yard was going to be a challenge. It had to go to because we’re selling our home and I didn’t want to lose a bid because someone had a problem with the stump.

My wife went online and found a great tree removal company in the area, a company with stellar reviews. They sent a guy out to survey the stump and he acted like it would be no problem whatsoever to get it out. A couple of days later a couple of guys showed up and hauled this giant saw to the stump and got to work. I watched them from the house and it really was incredible. They cut through the stump and down into the ground and in less than an hour it was gone. They even cleaned up all the chips and put dirt over the hole! A job well done.

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