We Finally Got Done with the Settlement

The entire thing never should have been very complicated, although I suspect that the insurance company decided that because I am a woman they could run roughshod over me. The truth is that I was not even moving and my car was not on when the other driver hit me. I had talked to an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento about the case and tried to figure out how big of a percentage that he would have taken out of the settlement. I knew what I need to end up with and that was what I expected to come out of it with, so that was something which I was not going to negotiate away. The insurance company seemed to think that I was going to take a loss on this deal, but that was not in my plans and it was not how it ended up turning out. We just wasted a great deal of time and effort to get to the same place that I started out at.

It was just a matter of holding out and threatening to haul them into court. I figured out how to do that stuff on my own and right after they got the notice from the court they started to waver on their position. As the court date got closer and closer it was really apparent that they were going to give up and give me what I had asked for. They waited until we were in the courthouse to sign the deal and then I had to tell the judge that I was sorry that I had wasted his time. He looked right at the insurance company lawyer and called him a name. Then he asked him why his company was always wasting everyone’s time by behaving as though they were dense.

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