We Want to Remain Where We Are for the Time Being

My husband has done really well at the company that he works at, and he has rapidly moved up the ranks. When he got the chance to grab a position as the V.P. of Technology at his company’s branch in Singapore, we were both excited about it. I learned the language here for the first two years of our residence here, and now I am getting some jc physics tuition help so that I can get through the science classes at my local college more easily. Going to school in another country has been an adventure, but nothing that I can’t handle. We will be here for another few years for sure, and then we will decide whether we want to stay longer or go back home. I’m hoping that we stay.

It’s true that your mind grows when you travel to other countries. I found that to be true after every country we have ever visited. I can also say that living in a country for a few years also helps you to grow even more. It has been amazing to learn about a new way of life that is nothing like what you are used to. The people here are friendly. I love all of my fellow students at school. Many of them are younger than I am, but there are a few other women my age too that I have become friends with.

I’m hoping that we stay here for at least another ten years. I’m not ready to go back home. Neither my parents or my husband’s parents are alive, so we don’t have to worry about that. We also don’t have any children and we do not plan to have any. It’s just the two of us, and we are really enjoying being people who are learning and thriving in another part of the world without any trouble at all.

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