Whiplash and Headaches Are Rough

My husband was driving home from work not long ago when he fell asleep at the wheel. Thankfully, he did not hurt anyone else when he wrecked. He did not fair so well though. I knew he was exhausted because he had just pulled his second double in three days, and now he was in a world of pain as well. I went online and did a search for car accident chiropractor in Chandler. I knew that he would probably need to see a chiropractor more than any other doctor because he kept complaining about pain in his neck.

I have never had whiplash, so I was not sure if that was what he was experiencing or not. I did read up on it, and he said that he was feeling a lot of what I explained to him. That is why I wanted him to see a chiropractor. I was able to get him into one pretty fast, and he started getting adjustments that same day. He was wearing a seat belt when he wrecked, so we were confused on why he was hurting as much as he was. It just seemed like there should have been less pain.

The chiropractor was very patient and extremely detailed in explaining exactly how whiplash happens. Even with a seat belt on, it is not protecting the head and neck at all. While his body was protected from going forward, his head was not. It went forward and backward many times in just a few seconds, which is what caused the whiplash. He also had headaches from this, and the adjustments were able to give him relief from both. He was really happy that he did not have to rely on pain pills to get through this. He also decided he is not doing doubles so close together anymore as well!

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